Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on to blog.  I was thinking about hobbies and one of my favorites is photography.  I know, you’re probably saying, “I knew that.”  But does everyone know that I do weddings?  I have been doing them since the middle 1980’s.  Yes, I began with a film camera.  I have had a few mentors too helping me with pointers, etc. and I thank you.

I mainly receive my jobs through word of mouth but am now considering advertising.  Yikes!!   That in itself is a frightening thought.   My friends all tell me I’m nuts for not doing this, weddings, since I’m so good at it.  They also say, why work somewhere or do something you don’t like if you have this kind of talent?

I’d like to let my friends know, your words aren’t falling on deaf ears…just took some time to knock some sense into me though.

Why I’m writing this is to see just what people do think.  I know…..I need that kick again.