Last summer my husband Tim and I moved to a new place.  It’s a ranch style home and we love it.  One of the attractions which I fell in love with is a fish pond right off the porch.

Last year the water was a mess.  It was thick with green algae.  We have been working with it hoping to get it cleaner and so far it’s been a success.  My step son has been helping a lot with it too.  He’s rearranged the rocks and when it was partially drained he wiped up the algae.  It has come back but now we have a filter.  The pond sat immobile for over 2 years and you can only imagine our surprise when I saw a gold fish and seven other black type fish swimming around in the green muck.

This year, Tim has added to the family six more gold fish and Rodney two dozen shiner type fish.   We also get visited by frogs.   There is a male who has been calling in mates.   He is quite the singer and very loud.

You can see the muck he’s in.  These photos are from last year.

They’re pretty fun to watch too but I’m dreading the babies that will probably be coming.  I’ll keep you all informed on the outcome of that situation.

Oh yes.  The pump is running sending water trickling over the rocks.  It’s so relaxing.  Now for nice warm nights so I can sit outside and listen to it.