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Classic Car 1954 BelAir

My stepfather, Bob, brought to the marriage a 1954 Bel Air which he bought from a barn in Indiana County, Pennsylvania in 1974.  I guess it hasn’t run since he bought it but he’s not sure about the time before.

This is the car in primer, just coming back from the paint shop so that they can work on the brakes and engine.  My husband Tim spent many hours on the internet browsing through all of the web sites selling classic car parts.  Finally, after about two weeks he found the disc brakes.  It didn’t take long for  him to get them installed and have the baby running.

The fog look is fumes from the exhaust.  I know, wow but they were happy campers.   Soon the car went back to the garage for painting.

All the time she sat in the garage and the men worked on it, my mom referred to it as, “That old thing.”  or  “Why would I want to be seen in an old car?”   While she was at the garage, I guess people who visited to talk with John, the painter was very impressed with her and often called friends over to, “Just look at her!”   Meanwhile, mom kept referring to the old car…etc.  Well I told her I have dibbs on her Friday evenings to Monday mornings, they get her the rest of the week.  Mom didn’t car until……the finished product returned home.

Now she isn’t sure I get it on weekends.  LOL  The story continues later.

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day and please remember the reason, to give thanks to those who have fought for our rights and freedom. My father fought in WWII and was involved with the Battle of the Bulge. I vaguely remember his stories but mainly they were all frightened when they would hear the incoming bombs since his job was to guard the fuel supply and the enemy wanted to either destroy it or get it for themselves. My main memory is that my father, Allen K. Smail trained guard dogs. His dog was named Wolf.