Me, I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania.  It’s a beautiful area with 4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and boy do we get it all.   There is also an abundance of wildlife.

I enjoy a variety of interests from writing, dried wreath arrangments, family history, etc but mainly photography.  I got my first Kodak Instamatic with the 110 drop in film when I was around 16 and haven’t put a camera down since.  I am self-taught and through the years have helped Kodak keep their stocks high.  lol.   Now I own three digital cameras and still have my four 35 mm cameras around.

I love taking anything from scenic, wildlife, still life to the dreaded weddings.  I say dreaded because I have had a few tough experiences but meeting the people far outweigh those problems.  It’s been over twenty years since I started taking photos and have to many to show.   I’m on Facebook as Ruth Wolfe Photography.

I come from a big family but my immediate is four of us, my father, mother, older brother and myself but we are two of 23 grandchildren.  We always made for interesting gatherings at our grandparents home during the holidays but we had such fun.  I am one of seven girls.  The others are boys.  My father has passed away in 1999 and we miss him dearly.  He was a quiet man but had good stories and lots of interests he taught my brother and me.   Mainly he was a hunter and taught my brother well who in the past has gotten 62 turkeys in his hunting life.  He also gets the deer and small game but turkey is his interest.  He says they are very intelligent and he loves out smarting them.  He can call in a bird without the aid of a caller but uses his own throat.

I never got into hunting.  I always say I’ll shoot the animals with my camera.

I live with my husband Tim in a tiny village in western Pennsylvania.  I have three step sons, all on their own and two step grandchildren, one of each.  Reina is 2 years old May 28 and Kaison is 1 1/2.  My husband is a mechanic and a very good one.  We are restoring a 1964 GTO.  I’m one of the many who lost their jobs and have been in search for over a year.  It’s tough but I don’t give up.